How to Create an s.r.o. in 3 Steps

It’s the least costly and simplest way and takes just one day. There’s no need for middlemen 
or sellers of ready-made companies. Just visit a notary.

According to Czech legislation, the equivalent of a limited liability company is called a společnost s ručením omezením, or s.r.o. for short. Founding an s.r.o. is exceptionally easy. Just arrange a visit to your local notary and you can have your own company tomorrow. There’s no complicated red tape or long lines and you don’t have to have hundreds of thousands of koruna in foundational capital – the only thing you need is a good idea and the courage to make it happen. Go for it!

1 Make an appointment with a notary

You can search the list of notaries by their location here. Before calling, make sure you’ve picked a name for your company as the notary or the official may require it in order to make an appointment to assure the name hasn’t been taken by another company already. 

You’ll need your identification when you visit the notary’s office. If the company will not be headquartered at a property you own, you will also need confirmation of consent from the owner of the property where the company will be headquartered. If your business requires certain qualifications, experience, or guarantees from another party, bring along a document that would attest to fulfilling those criteria. 

Domluvte si schůzku u notáře
Opatřete si živnostenské oprávnění

2 Acquire a trade license

You will need to pay CZK 1,000 for the trade license issued by the appropriate body. You can find a list of trade license offices by location here.

3 Deposit the company’s foundational capital at any bank

Whether it’s a single koruna (CZK 1) or tens of thousands, just take the confirmation of the opening of a business account and the deposit of the foundational capital with you to the notary’s office.