Založení s.r.o
Found an s.r.o. (LLC) with a notary
It’s the fastest and least costly way.
There’s no need to go through middlemen or sellers of ready-made companies.
Just visit a notary’s office.

Why is going alone the simplest way to create an s.r.o. ?

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Reduce Costs

With a notary, you only pay fees mandated by the Justice Ministry of the Czech Republic. You don’t pay any commissions or any other unnecessary costs.

Založení sro

Save Time

There is no faster way. Middlemen only extend the process and they have to go to a notary anyway.

Založení sro

Reduce Your Risks

A notary is an individual with a legal education named to the post by the state. Middlemen cannot offer guarantees of their qualifications or trustworthiness.

How to Create an s.r.o. with
a Notary

The process of founding a company at a notary’s office takes a single day and doesn’t require middlemen. You can do it yourself and reduce your costs.

The notary, as a designated state official, has the authority to make entries into the business registry. The company will be registered immediately, and you can launch your business. Watch the procedure in the video.

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