What are the advantages of creating
an s.r.o. at a notary’s office?

It’s the least costly and simplest way and takes just one day. There’s no need for middlemen
or sellers of ready-made companies. Just visit a notary.

1 Founding an s.r.o. with a notary is the least costly method

According to Czech laws, you cannot found a s.r.o. without a notary. Every middleman and procurement service must eventually visit a notary. You then have to pay the costs of the notary as well as the middlemen’s fees. You can avoid these costs by going to the notary yourself. Reduce your costs to the bare minimum. Some middlemen claim to offer the same prices as notaries, but these are often conditioned with the purchase of other services, such as leasing virtual headquarters for several years in advance. If you do choose to work with a procurement service, make sure you know what you are paying for to avoid scams. However, remember that only a notary can create your s.r.o. without risks and at lower costs.

Založení sro
Založení sro

2 Founding an s.r.o. with a notary is the fastest method

You can save time by founding an s.r.o. with a notary. Although there are many offers to expedite this service faster, in actuality there is nothing quicker than going to a notary. Remember that every middleman also has to go to a notary as there is no other legal way to create a company. The notary will immediately enter the new company into the business registry, and you can launch your business. The process usually takes a single day. That’s a big advantage for those anxious to open their businesses. The process isn’t complicated, and anyone can manage it. Don’t be dissuaded by false claims or your own trepidation about speaking to a lawyer. Notaries are educated professionals who are there to explain everything and help you avoid unnecessary delays and obstacles.


3 There are no risks with notaries

A notary is an individual with a legal education named to their post by the state. Every notary has passed their professional exams and is a member of the Notarial Chamber of the Czech Republic, the highest body of notarial administration. A notary is bound by law to be confidential, so you can be sure your information won’t be abused or shared. A middleman will also demand your personal data, a power of attorney, and a number of more and less sensitive pieces of information but has no legal obligation to confidentiality. Whether you decide to found your company on your own or through a middleman, don’t forget to strictly protect your personal data.

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